Single Axis Retrofits

The YSE100 series of single axis controllers are designed specifically to enhance your present machine and add capability similar to new programmable machines at a fraction of the cost.  Microcomputer based, solid state design and user friendly controls combine for a highly featured controller with long term reliability.

SYSTEM HARDWARE                    



Embedded Micro   Intel based, 8 bit microcontroller, 64K battery backed RAM for user programmed storage
User Interface   25 key, keypad for machine configuration, part programming and system control
Control Enclosure   12 gauge steel enclosure, NEMA 12, industrial.
Machine Interface   37 pin circular connector with quick connect capability for interface to machine interface cable
Console Footprint   The YSE100 console has a 12” L x 9.5” W x 4.5” H profile
Power Supplies   2, 5VDC supplies; one for controller logic and the other for machine switch isolation
System Safety Features   Emergency stop button on front panel for complete hydraulic motor and machine shutdown
Console / Machine Cable   16’ long console to machine controller cable with quick disconnect connectors on both ends for ease of replacement
Detailed Operators Manual    


Part Editing  Intuitive part programming using Job Number, Bend Number and Bend Value keys

Machine Configuration Adaptability to different machines and operations using simple Code Functions

Diagnostics    Function keys and Setup mode to test machine switches and tooling positions

Run Controls    Manual, automatic and setup modes of operation

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