CNC Retrofits

The YSE1000 series of CNC controllers are industrial hardened, PC based systems.  They have been designed to be user friendly and easy to program.  Although fully featured, they are extremely cost effective upgrades for your machines:


Industrial PC 




Xycom 4615 industrial PC, 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron CPU, 512M DRAM, 80 G hard drive. Rear access floppy and CD-ROM drives 15” XGA TFT color flat panel display with resistive touch screen and hardened front panel

Operating System   Windows XP operating system
User Interface features   Easy access external USB port for program storage and file transfers Full featured QWERTY mini keyboard with touchpad in drawer.
Local Printer   Seiko DPU-414 thermal printer with 4.25” width paper 40 characters per line job file printouts
UPS Power Supply   APC Smart UPS 750 uninterruptable power supply for surge protection, power line glitches, brownouts and to shut down system properly with power interruption
Control Enclosure   12 gauge steel enclosure on a weighted, wheeled pedestal
Machine Interface   14 pin circular connector with quick connect capability for interface to the machine controller via the console to machine controller cable assembly
Console Footprint and Profile   The YSE1000 Console has a 56”H x 28”W x 28”L profile Approximate weight of 125 pounds
Machine Controller PCBA   Machine controller printed circuit board (PCBA) assembly with  Rabbit2000 processor, 128K bytes of flash, 8K bytes of EEPROM and 1M byte of RAM  Controller size is 10.6” L x 6”W with all pluggable connectors for ease of diagnostics, testing and replacement
Power Supplies   24 VDC Controller Power Supply 15 VDC Power Supply for isolated power to machine inputs
System Safety features   Fail Safe relay controls power to all outputs and is activated in the event of an emergency shutdown, controller or software malfunction
Console/Machine Cable    25’ long console to machine controller cable assembly with quick disconnect connectors on both ends for ease of replacement and console positioning


Intuitive operation with touch screen interface

Color Coded screens for easy identification of machine state from a distance. 

“Parts Manager”  Screens for loading, copying, renaming and deleting existing bending program files in the system’s internal storage and on the external storage plugged into the USB connector

“Part Editor” Screens for viewing, creating and editing bending programs

“Run Controls” Screens for setting up tooling and bending programs to fabricate parts.  Manual controls, machine set-up and motion tests also included.

“Machine Config” Utility accommodates the configuration of the machine operating parameters for a specific machine

“Diagnostics” Utility aids in testing all electrical connections between the machine controller and the machine. Real time diagnostics display machine operation feedbacks during manual and automatic operation in simple conversational language.  No codes to look up.

On screen keyboard and keypad for alpha and numeric data entry (in parallel with keyboard in the drawer)

Part storage to 1000’s of parts locally (on the computer).  External USB socket is supplied on the machine console for Quick backups. 

Machine Feed Rate  is adjustable from 1% to 100% of maximum speed.  All three axis feeds can be controlled singularly or together. 

Material Compensation.  Over bend compensation using fixed and proportional spring back values including tube length compensation due to material stretch.  

Complete system diagnostics and error checking

All YSE1000 Series of CNC Controllers come with a full year warranty covering all parts and labor. Complete factory service and technical support are available at (800) 393-1313.  Fortuna Products, Inc. will satisfy all your needs and questions, and above all, minimize your down time

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